Orphaned foal Breeze needs help to find a cuddly companion!

Staff at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary are appealing for help to find orphaned foal Breeze a giant cuddly toy to snuggle up to in his stable.

The 4-day-old Dartmoor Hill Pony, who was rescued by the Sanctuary last Friday (24th May) needs a big teddy to cosy up to when he goes to sleep.  Breeze 1

Syra Bowden, Executive Director at the Sanctuary, said: “Sadly, little Breeze has not got his mum around to keep him company and although his carers here at the Sanctuary work around the clock to look after him, it’s not quite the same.

“As a result, we always give our orphaned foals a giant cuddly toy as a companion; they’re just like human babies in the way it provides them with comfort.

“Breeze is the second orphaned foal to arrive at the Sanctuary in the last month, so our last donated big cuddly toy is living with Mesha, who was born in April. This means we now need to find another giant teddy bear for poor Breeze so he doesn’t get lonely.

“We would really, really appreciate it if anyone has any large cuddly toys they could donate to help little Breeze find a friend.”

The Sanctuary was called to Breeze’s aid after a concerned farmer on Dartmoor found him in great distress on Friday afternoon.

The tiny bay pony, who had been born just a few hours earlier, was unable to find his mother and had been seen trying to suckle from a number of mares.

When members of the Sanctuary’s team arrived at the scene, Breeze collapsed and was in a state of severe shock and dehydration.

The charity’s staff immediately set about getting the little foal warm and back to the safety of the Sanctuary. The team, along with the Sanctuary’s vet, spent the next three hours by the poorly foal’s side as he was placed on a saline drip, had a catheter fitted and was given crucial colostrum drips, milk and medication.

Breeze is now being cared for twenty-four hours a day by a dedicated team of carers at the Sanctuary’s Honeysuckle Farm in Newton Abbot.

Three days on, staff say the little foal is making good progress but still has a long way to go in his recovery.

Breeze 2

Commenting on his condition, Syra said: “Breeze was very poorly when we first reached him and it was very much touch and go. He’s now suckling well and feeding every hour; he even tried to have a little canter and buck in his stable over the weekend.

“However, he is not out of the woods yet. We will  keep a very close eye on Breeze and care for him around the clock to ensure we do everything possible to help him pull through.

“We all have our fingers crossed that Breeze will continue to grow strong.”

To donate a giant cuddly toy for Breeze and future orphaned foals at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary, please take your toy to one of the Sanctuary’s charity stores. To find out where your nearest store is, visit www.mareandfoal.org/shops . For any queries or for further information, please call the Sanctuary on 01626 355969 or email office@mareandfoal.org .

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