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Well, I not only survived my first Take Back the Reins session, I actually enjoyed it! There were 13 of us for the first session of the Take Back the Reins course at Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre tumpygreenequestriancentre.co.uk

Still smiling - me and Missy after the first lesson!

Still smiling – me and Missy after the first lesson!

We all waited anxiously as horses were allocated based on our previous riding experience, most of us looking very apprehensive indeed. Nicky and the team at Tumpy Green did their best to put us at our ease. We were divided into two groups and we made our way to the schools. With nerves jangling it was a good move to get us onto our horses as quickly as possible before any of us had time to change our minds. And as soon as we were on-board nerves evaporated (well almost!). One of my nightmares had been how on earth I was going to get on – putting my foot in the stirrup and hopping athletically into the saddle was just not going to happen. it might have ended there, but thank goodness for a mounting block I managed to land perhaps not exactly gracefully but at least I was on.

It was then time to try and remember those lessons from long ago – it is many years since I rode in a school (late 1970s a least)! Our instructor Tammy couldn’t have been more encouraging though and soon had us answering questions, trying to jog our memories about what we should and shouldn’t be doing.

It was fantastic to realise that you don’t really forget – or at least not everything (though mind you, we are only talking walk and trot here!). It is a strange feeling – in my younger years I had ridden every day, so there was a strong sense of familiarity mixed with unfamiliar trepidation.

And I should mention the aching muscles afterwards – it took me several days to be able to climb steps normally again.

I am really looking forward to the next session. If you are tempted to get back into the saddle again after a break of lots of years, do it – you won’t regret it!

Do check out the Hoof ride website for more information about the Take Back the Reins courses being run at a Centre near you! www.hoofride.co.uk

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