Today’s the day…

… that I start riding again! Yeah! After a very long break from riding, I am signed up for a “Take Back the Reins Course” that is being held at Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre

With less than 2 hours to go I am feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation, plus delight at actually taking the first step to getting back in the saddle. And that’s the first hurdle – will I even be able to get on? I am so unfit compared to when I used to spend every waking moment at the yard, riding, grooming, mucking out, living and breathing horses.

Back then I couldn’t even begin to imagine a life without horses – so how did that happen? And can it really be over thirty years since my life stopped revolving around horses. I don’t suppose it is a coincidence that my eldest daughter was born 32 years ago. And when she was keen to start riding, followed by second daughter a few years later, I wanted them to experience the passion that shaped my childhood and teenage years. And so the years slipped by – with me driving back and fore to the stables as my parents had driven me. Well things have gone a full circle – and I am delighted to have the chance to recapture my youth, or at least re-kindle that oh-so-special relationship that exists between horse and rider.

How did my first lesson go? Find out here! >>
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