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Orphaned foal Breeze needs help to find a cuddly companion!

Staff at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary are appealing for help to find orphaned foal Breeze a giant cuddly toy to snuggle up to in his stable.

The 4-day-old Dartmoor Hill Pony, who was rescued by the Sanctuary last Friday (24th May) needs a big teddy to cosy up to when he goes to sleep.  Breeze 1

Syra Bowden, Executive Director at the Sanctuary, said: “Sadly, little Breeze has not got his mum around to keep him company and although his carers here at the Sanctuary work around the clock to look after him, it’s not quite the same.

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BHS Ragwort Week – have you completed the survey?

The British Horse Society (BHS) is continuing its fight to combat the toxic plant Ragwort with a third nationwide survey this month.

Every year, animals die painful and unnecessary deaths as a result of damage to their liver from consuming Ragwort. The danger that the plant poses is widely known, yet levels in the UK apparently still continue to rise.

The initial survey produced some very interesting results. More than 75 percent of cases reported involved land that animals were grazing on or near. A total of 13,189 horses were identified as grazing on ragwort infested pasture, with the figure for cattle and sheep being estimated as approaching 20,000. In more than one third of reports, the plant was said to cover at least half of the land.

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Bracklesham Bay and Wittering beaches?

I have been sent the following request for people who ride on Bracklesham Bay and Wittering beaches to complete a survey:


Above is the link to the Chichester District Council survey about the use of Bracklesham Bay, East and West Wittering beaches. If you ride on these beaches please take a minute to fill in the survey. It is feared that riding will be banned on the beach particularly towards West Wittering.

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Research Help Needed

Horse owner? Please complete the following questionnaire.  The questionnaire will contribute towards a thesis research project investigating the use of weight and condition monitoring methods used by horse owners in the UK and the factors affecting this.

It is part of the research currently being undertaken by a Masters student currently studying at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester for a postgraduate degree in equine science, prior to this, having completed my undergraduate degree at The University of Aberystwyth in Equine and Human Sports Science.

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Kennet Valley Driving Group RDA

Kennet Valley Driving Group RDA are looking for new drivers and volunteers for their disabled carriage driving group.

Drivers and volunteers should be aged 16 or over. The Group can take drivers with physical disabilities only and they must be able to use and transfer to and from a manual wheelchair and into and out of a car. The Group meet twice a week – Tuesday and Thursday – from 10 a.m. for about 3 hours and have recently moved to Maizey Farm Rockley near Marlborough so are nearer Swindon.  If you are interested please contact me and I will forward your details on.

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