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Keeping your horse happy and healthy this winter

The winter can be an awful time for horses, the bitter cold and wet weather means they are not getting as much exercise as they might be used to, and just like us, they will want to be kept as warm and comfortable as possible.


A horse’s coat can usually tolerate winter weather with few problems if owners pay attention to basic feeding and management principles.

Make sure your horse is kept warm when they have been worked or clipped and have no natural oils in their coats. The best way to do this is by putting a rug on them when the temperature starts to really dip.

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Take back the Reins – Part 3

<< Take back the Reins – Part 2

Well the time has flown past and the first Take Back the Reins Course at Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre has come to an end.

From those first tentative, wobbly steps that we took 7 or so weeks ago, where are we now?  After our final session – our first group hack – we were greeted with tea and cake and the chance to find out what plans each person had… how many of us had re-kindled their passion for being around horses again?

So much has happened during the course, it is difficult to know where to start.

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Orphaned foal Breeze needs help to find a cuddly companion!

Staff at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary are appealing for help to find orphaned foal Breeze a giant cuddly toy to snuggle up to in his stable.

The 4-day-old Dartmoor Hill Pony, who was rescued by the Sanctuary last Friday (24th May) needs a big teddy to cosy up to when he goes to sleep.  Breeze 1

Syra Bowden, Executive Director at the Sanctuary, said: “Sadly, little Breeze has not got his mum around to keep him company and although his carers here at the Sanctuary work around the clock to look after him, it’s not quite the same.

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Take back the Reins – the next step

<< Take Back the Reins Part 1

Well, I not only survived my first Take Back the Reins session, I actually enjoyed it! There were 13 of us for the first session of the Take Back the Reins course at Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre

Still smiling - me and Missy after the first lesson!

Still smiling – me and Missy after the first lesson!

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Today’s the day…

… that I start riding again! Yeah! After a very long break from riding, I am signed up for a “Take Back the Reins Course” that is being held at Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre

With less than 2 hours to go I am feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation, plus delight at actually taking the first step to getting back in the saddle. And that’s the first hurdle – will I even be able to get on? I am so unfit compared to when I used to spend every waking moment at the yard, riding, grooming, mucking out, living and breathing horses.

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from Equine Tourism –

The Exmoor Pony Autumn Gatherings  

October and November are when most of the semi-feral Exmoor pony herds are gathered from their moorland enclosures and herded to their owners farms, for inspection and selling. So if you’re thinking of having an Exmoor pony, now is definitely the time to get one!   There are strict qrazing quotas for farmers and landowners with common grazing rights, which mean that most of the foal crop must be found alternative homes or grazing schemes. While some fillies will be kept for future breeding stock, and the occasional colt kept to run on as a potential stallion, the majority of colt foals and some fillies will be available for sale and re-homing.

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Lorenzo to headline new action-packed equestrian event in London

New event ADRENALINE, produced EquiCirque in London 16-18 November will be headlined by Lorenzo, the world famous “Flying Frenchman”. Lorenzo’s incredible show of 12 grey Lusitano horses has to be seen to be believed. Performed in the arena without bridle or saddle and including flying over jumps while standing on the back of his horses, the show relies entirely on the beautifully trained horses and the relationship and trust between them and Lorenzo.

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Equestrian’s best head to Pontispool

Britain’s top event riders will be out in force at Pontispool Equine Sports Centre’s second affiliated event of the year on September 9 and 10. The Rotary Club will once again be manning the gates and all proceeds of the £5 per car entrance fee will be donated to the Children’s Hospice South West’s Its Childsplay appeal. Last year’s gate collection was for Shelter Box, and a temporary home was sent to the Congo as a direct result of donations on the gate. In May this year nearly £1500 was raised for Its Childsplay.

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Visiting Wales? What about these riding challenges?

Well after all the build-up, it’s here! The world’s best athletes have descended upon London for possibly the greatest sports event on earth over the coming weeks. And to build on the excitement Visit Wales is challenging people to head for Wales on holiday and have a crack at some medal-themed challenges!

Equestrian events are some of the first to get underway, but you don’t have to be horse-riding hero to have fun in the saddle. Wales has a host of riding options on offer – whether you’re a virtual beginner, a holiday hacker or keen to progress to higher things.

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BHS Ragwort Week – have you completed the survey?

The British Horse Society (BHS) is continuing its fight to combat the toxic plant Ragwort with a third nationwide survey this month.

Every year, animals die painful and unnecessary deaths as a result of damage to their liver from consuming Ragwort. The danger that the plant poses is widely known, yet levels in the UK apparently still continue to rise.

The initial survey produced some very interesting results. More than 75 percent of cases reported involved land that animals were grazing on or near. A total of 13,189 horses were identified as grazing on ragwort infested pasture, with the figure for cattle and sheep being estimated as approaching 20,000. In more than one third of reports, the plant was said to cover at least half of the land.

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